Recently, I discovered these lovely tea packaging designs by Løv Organic. First of all, I love the super simple, clean Scandinavian design of the overall brand with its adorable bird icons and joyful colors on the packaging. In addition, the tea comes in a metal tin that is not only beautifully designed but also reusable, which helps make it more eco-friendly. All of this makes your money well spent as you indulge yourself with a cup of high quality tea! Currently, the tea is not available in the US. Løv Organic, if you see my post, please bring your lovely tea to the US!!



[source: Løv Organic]



Lauren Moffatt Spring 2011 CollectionThis Spring, Lauren Moffatt offers a beautiful and romantic collection – the Honeymooner. I just love the color palette; it reminds me of candy. The scallop details around the skirt are just the icing on the cake. I’d like to have one of each outfit please!


[ sources: Lauren Moffatt ]