For the past month, I’ve been very busy working on projects as well as planning my son’s 3rd birthday bash! At first, I wanted to do a nautical theme, but I changed my mind when I discovered an incredibly adorable cake design and decided to take on the task of re-creating this cake myself. Of course, I had no idea of what I got myself into. I’ve never baked or decorated a cake in my whole life!! First, I found some how-to videos on YouTube that made it look easy. Second, I decided it would be best to make sure the cake at least tasted good, so I didn’t bake it myself and instead ordered a plain buttercream cake from a local bakery and bought some ready-to-use fondant and food colorings. Finally, it took two weekends, a lot of determination, and a face covered in powdered sugar…but I did it!!  Yeah!!  Oh, those YouTube videos…it’s not that easy. However, I was happy that I pulled through in the end and delivered a cake that everyone enjoyed. The little red balls on the bottom of the cake were especially a hit with the little kids and some of the big kids too!


Naturally, the party didn’t just end with the cake. In the interest of time I bought some freshly made chicken salad and turned it into bite size sandwiches. By using a little party pick that I designed, I made it look very gourmet, hee-hee… The small disposible wooden forks next to the sandwiches I found in a super cute Japanese store in Venice Beach during some quality mommies-alone time with my dear friend, who, by the way, helped me sew the banner for the party (Thanks again A, you’re the best!).


A little kid’s party couldn’t do without the party hat, right?  To make the event more festive, I got some materials from a craft store and made these simple party hats with yellow pom-poms. It was really easy to make and fun to have for the kids. As for the party favor, I made cookies in the shape of cupcakes using a Japanese cookie recipe, which makes the cookies a little lighter…but still very yummy! Less sugar is always better! Finally, here’s a picture of the sweet birthday boy with his little bow tie on who thinks he’s dressed like Michael Jackson from the
Billie Jean video.


[ Photography by Pei ]




One of my obsessions is collecting neat toys and the Danish design brand, Maileg, has fulfilled my childhood fantasy. They’ve created the cutest toys! A couple of my favorites are the “Princess and The Pea” and the little mouse house above with a matchbox for a bed. So adorable I can’t stand it!! I can smile all day just by looking at them and trying to imagine what it would be like to be in their little world. I guess things like this really help keep me young at heart. Thank you Maileg!


[source: Maileg]


Donna Wilson Meg Plate

These dinner plates with super cute girl and kitty faces are by Scottish designer – Donna Wilson. They bring great imagination when plating the food. You could use noodles or pasta as thick curly hair or peas for cute freckles. The possibilities are just endless!


[source: Donna Wilson]


Miller Goodman Playshapes

Miller Goodman PlayshapesNothing is better than toys that can inspire imagination. Miller Goodman has created this masterpiece – Playshapes. With endless possibilities for anyone to create one of a kind artwork. Even as an adult, I want this just for myself.


[sources: Miller Goodman]

Child's Birthday Invitation



My son is turning 3 in just a few months, so I am trying to find inspiration for his birthday celebration and came across this beautifully illustrated, vintage feel birthday invitation by Hello Lucky and would like to share it with you all.


[ sources: hello lucky ]