My dear readers, sorry for not posting anything for awhile. Life has been crazy busy lately…but good. So, 7 years ago when I went back to Taiwan, my sister took me out shopping and we had afternoon tea at this lovely place, which happened to be named Afternoon Tea. Although it was in Taiwan and although it had an English name, it was a Japanese tea room inside a Japanese store. Sounds funny, huh, but it’s common in Taiwan. In all fairness I’ll bet in did have its name in Japanese also but not being able to read Japanese, I just don’t know. Anyway, aside from thoroughly enjoying their great tea, I was wowed by all the adorable kitchen gadgets that were on display on the shelves next to the tea room. I love all the thoughts that were put into the design behind each piece that just seemed to add more poetry to the commonplace items of daily life as you can see above .


You may already be able to tell why I liked the design…it has my favorite color palette, poppy red and light blue, of course!! Haha… but what I really love is the use of typography on the kitchen gadget designs. On top of that, the use of a bold color like poppy red on a pot handle and cleaning gloves- very unexpected. I am especially in love with this beautiful digital scale and the little pot icon is just so sweet. It totally makes cooking all the more pleasurable. These little fish sponges are way adorable; they look like they are taking bubbles bath while you’re doing your dishes. Of course, Afternoon Tea offers other really cute stuff, so please check back and I will hand pick my favorites for you.


[source: Afternoon Tea]


Recently, I discovered these lovely tea packaging designs by Løv Organic. First of all, I love the super simple, clean Scandinavian design of the overall brand with its adorable bird icons and joyful colors on the packaging. In addition, the tea comes in a metal tin that is not only beautifully designed but also reusable, which helps make it more eco-friendly. All of this makes your money well spent as you indulge yourself with a cup of high quality tea! Currently, the tea is not available in the US. Løv Organic, if you see my post, please bring your lovely tea to the US!!



[source: Løv Organic]


Donna Wilson Meg Plate

These dinner plates with super cute girl and kitty faces are by Scottish designer – Donna Wilson. They bring great imagination when plating the food. You could use noodles or pasta as thick curly hair or peas for cute freckles. The possibilities are just endless!


[source: Donna Wilson]