Electra Amsterdam Alexander Girard Bike, Yakkay Helmet, Axiom Urban Basket

Recently, my son started preschool, so it’s given me more time to do things by myself and help focus on my career. Always a daydreamer, I like to paint pictures in my head of how poetic life could be… one of those pictures being able to ride my bike to a cute local cafe or a bookstore to work on my projects and be inspired by the surroundings – mixing business with pleasure!


So a few months ago, I started the hunt for that perfect bike. Although I have owned a few bikes in my life, I never felt comfortable riding them and they just didn’t match my personality. Finally, I decided on this Electra Amsterdam Alexander Girard Madonna bike. It is a match made in heaven! Look at the colors, the details and the adorable graphics! All the artwork is created by the iconic architect/textile designer – Alexander Girard. Everything just screams “That is so Pei!” I also like the fact that it is a Dutch Bike, so that I am sitting in an up right position, which makes it more comfortable for my back. Plus, there is a chain guard and skirt guard on both sides. It’s perfect for a girly-girl to wear her sundress while riding the bike on a beautiful summer day. It’s a relaxing and casual ride down the street. Wouldn’t you agree?


Now come the accessories:  since my bike has a front headlight, I can only put a basket in the back, so I am looking at the Axiom Urban rear mont basket to hold my bag and lock, but also debating on using a faux wicker basket (Unfortunately, there are not many options out there. If you know anything cute, please let me know!) As a safety precaution, I could opt to wear a helmet, but in Pei’s world, it is not the most ideal thing to put on my head. Therefore, if I were to wear a helmet, it must look as discrete as possible. I need to roll with style at all times! Ladies, you know what I mean. Currently, the only helmet I would consider wearing is by YAKKAY. You can buy the helmet and a cover that looks like a normal hat to put over it. There are many different styles to choose from, so you are not stuck with one hat, which I like. The only catch is that it costs more than your average helmets – but sometimes you’ve got to pay a little more to get what you want or need.


But really, it’s great and fun to ride the bike! You get to burn some calories, take your time to look at things on the streets and stop to smell the flowers. Finally, let’s not neglect that it is a much more earth friendly way of transportation. These are all the benefits of a great little bike….that’s actually bigger than it looks, but so much fun!!


[source: Electra, YAKKAY, Axiom]

asami on July 17, 2011

Can’t wait to see your bike!! SOOOOO PRETTY!
I’m pretty sure people will check you out wherever you go!

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